Tom DeLonge’s Sci-Fi Odyssey: Trinity Unveiled

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Tom DeLonge’s Bold New Chapter: From Punk Rock to Sci-Fi Author

Swapping Guitars for Ghost Stories

Tom DeLonge, the punk rock rebel from Blink-182, is charting a new course, and it’s as intriguing as his guitar riffs. This time, he’s ditching the stage for the study, co-writing a novel that dives deep into his passion for the paranormal. Together with AJ Hartley, DeLonge has crafted Trinity, a tale inspired by a UFO incident in Nevada in 1962 that DeLonge is convinced really happened.

A Journey from Stage Lights to Starlight

It’s been a wild ride for DeLonge, transitioning from belting out tunes with Blink-182 to becoming a vocal advocate for UFO research. His departure from the band in 2015 wasn’t for a break or to start a new music project but to explore the unknown realms of UFOs. Trinity, set to be released on June 11th, is the culmination of this journey, marking a significant pivot in DeLonge’s career. Pre-order the book by clicking on the image below.


More Than Just Fiction

For DeLonge, Trinity isn’t just another sci-fi novel. It’s a deeply personal project, a testament to his commitment to uncovering what he sees as a monumental UFO event. This book offers a peek into DeLonge’s relentless curiosity and his willingness to question and explore the mysteries of our universe.

A Leap into the Unknown

Tom DeLonge’s venture into the literary world with Trinity is a bold leap from his punk rock roots to the enigmatic world of science fiction. But if there’s anyone who can bridge the gap between the raw energy of music and the profound mysteries of the cosmos, it’s him. The question now is, what mysteries would you unravel in your book if you dared to venture into unexplored territories?

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