Linkin Park’s Papercuts: A Greatest Hits Journey

Linkin Park

Linkin Park Announces Greatest Hits Album

Big news for Linkin Park enthusiasts – the band is set to release their very first greatest hits compilation. Named Papercuts (Singles Collection 2000-2023), this album, dropping on April 12, promises a 20-track exploration of the band’s impressive two-decade-long odyssey. But wait, there’s more. Among the treasures is “QWERTY,” a much-sought-after track by fans for over a decade. Its inclusion is bound to thrill those die-hard fans who have longed for its official release. And listen to the first single below.

Discovering Hidden Gems

Linkin Park is diving deep into their archives, not just to stir up memories but to bring to light “Friendly Fire,” a previously unreleased track. This song, recorded during the One More Light sessions in 2017, holds a special significance as it features the vocals of the late Chester Bennington. The release of “Friendly Fire” not only adds a fresh layer to the band’s rich history but also serves as a heartfelt homage to Chester, allowing fans a new opportunity to experience his extraordinary talent.

Paying Tribute to Chester Bennington

The inclusion of “Friendly Fire” on the album is a poignant salute to Chester Bennington. Known for his electrifying vocal range and presence, Chester was a pivotal figure in Linkin Park’s success. This track gives fans a chance to celebrate his legacy and the indelible mark he left on the world of music.

Looking Forward

Papercuts (Singles Collection 2000-2023) is more than a retrospective glance; it’s a testament to Linkin Park’s enduring impact on the music scene. With both “QWERTY” and “Friendly Fire” making their debut, the album bridges the past with the present, offering something exciting for both longtime followers and newcomers. As the release date approaches, the buzz around this collection grows, promising to be a significant milestone in Linkin Park’s storied career.

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