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Celebrating 40 Years of Pyromania: Def Leppard’s Landmark Reissue

The Ultimate Pyromania Experience

Def Leppard is throwing a belated party for the 40th anniversary of their breakthrough album Pyromania, and you’re invited. On April 26, fans will get their hands on Pyromania 40, a colossal reissue packed with previously unheard tracks, electrifying live footage, and more. Available in various formats — from a deluxe four-CD/Blu-ray box set to vinyl editions and digital downloads — there’s something for every fan. Pre-orders are live on the band’s website, so mark your calendars. And check out other Leppard vinyl on sale now (paid link).


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What’s Inside the Box?

The highlight of the reissue is the four-CD/Blu-ray box set. It features the remastered original album, a treasure trove of demos (including an outtake of the elusive 11th track “No You Can’t Do That”), and live performances from their 1983 concerts in Germany’s Westfalenhallen and California’s Forum in Inglewood. Fans will also find a rough mix of “Photograph” with unfinished vocals, set to stream on March 1, and an instrumental mix of the album, adding layers to the Pyromania experience.


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The Album That Launched a Legacy

Released in January 1983, Pyromania was a game-changer for Def Leppard, propelling them to stardom with over 10 million copies sold in the U.S. alone. It introduced Phil Collen as the new guitarist and showcased the band’s collaboration with producer Mutt Lange, building on the success of their previous album, High ‘n’ Dry.

Phil Collen shared, “It was the first time we all worked together with Mutt Lange, and I was able to play with my incredible friend Steve Clark. I am incredibly proud of what we achieved.” Joe Elliott reminisced about the process, describing it as “a labor of love” and highlighting the excitement of uncovering lost tracks for this special edition.

Pyromania 40 Track List Teaser

The reissue is a deep dive into Def Leppard’s history, featuring the remastered album, rarities, live recordings, and a Blu-ray packed with audio-visual delights. Fans can expect to relive hits like “Photograph,” “Rock of Ages,” and “Foolin'” in unparalleled quality, alongside demos and rough mixes that peel back the layers of their iconic sound.

With Pyromania 40, Def Leppard not only commemorates a pivotal moment in their career but also offers fans a chance to experience the album in a way that’s as fresh and impactful as it was four decades ago. This reissue isn’t just a collection of music; it’s an invitation to explore the legacy of a band that has remained at the forefront of rock through the years. Get ready to rock out like it’s 1983 all over again.

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