Prince’s Diamonds and Pearls: A Deluxe Reissue to Remember

Prince Diamonds & Pearls Reissue
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Diamonds and Pearls: Prince’s Gem Gets a Polished Reissue

Prince, the iconic musician who revolutionized the world of music with his eclectic style and unmatched talent, is again in the spotlight. His groundbreaking album, Diamonds and Pearls, is set to receive a deluxe reissue. Watch the trailer for the reissue:

A Glimpse into Diamonds and Pearls

Released in 1991, Diamonds and Pearls marked a significant chapter in Prince’s illustrious career. It was his first collaboration with The New Power Generation, a band that would become synonymous with Prince’s evolving sound. Together, they created tracks that would become timeless classics loved by fans worldwide.

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Watch the original music video for the self-titled song below:

What’s New in the Reissue?

Scheduled for release on October 27, this reissue promises to be a treat for both old fans and new listeners. It will be remastered, ensuring each track retains its original charm while benefiting from modern sound enhancements. The 12xLP/7xCD super deluxe version is the crown jewel of this reissue, boasting 47 unreleased tracks. Additionally, fans can look forward to a concert on Blu-ray and a meticulously curated 120-page book, offering a deeper dive into the world of Prince and this iconic album.

For those eager to secure their copy, pre-orders for the super deluxe version and other formats are open now.

Engage with the Legacy

As we anticipate this release, it’s a perfect time to reflect on our favorite tracks from Diamonds and Pearls. Moreover, with such a vast archive of Prince’s work, one can only wonder what other treasures await discovery.

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