There’s a Restaurant Serving a $76,000 Thanksgiving Dinner

As much as I hate the Thanksgiving dinner I’m about to tell you about on principle . . . I gotta say it DOES sound better than the Stove Top stuffing and canned green beans I’m going to eat.

The Old Homestead Steakhouse in New York City is open on Thursday and they’re serving the most expensive Thanksgiving dinner in the country.  If you want it, it’ll run you $76,000.  What could possibly cost that much?

1.  The turkey is $105-a-pound because it’s covered in rare spices and comes with a slab of imported Japanese bacon . . . a glaze made of oranges that cost $75 each and special reserve Grand Marnier . . . and gravy made with rare bourbon.

2.  The sweet potatoes are served with Caspian Sea caviar that’s $1,600-an-ounce . . . and the mashed potatoes are made with $455-a-pound Swedish moose cheese.

3.  The stuffing includes $475-a-pound Wagyu beef and foie gras.

4.  Some of the other side dishes are oysters that cost $100 each . . . a cranberry sauce made with balsamic vinegar that’s $60-an-ounce . . . and Wagyu beef lollipops that are made with a cognac that’s $4,800-a-bottle.

5.  The dinner also comes with tickets to see “Hamilton” . . . a $7,500 Black Friday shopping spree on Fifth Avenue . . . and a $20,000 watch.


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