Man With Best Buy Tattoo Camping Out For Black Friday Left Best Buy For Fry Electronics! Best Buy Says They’ll Miss Him

Man With Best Buy Tattoo Camping Out For Black Friday: AZ Family claims a man in Avondale, Arizona has begun camping out for Black Friday. Jarvis Johnson is waiting in front of a Best Buy store. He has a tent, several televisions, a couch and an electric campfire. Johnson also has a Best Buy logo tattooed on his arm.

** UPDATE **

CBS claims Jarvis has left Best Buy for Fry Electronics. He released a statement saying; “I do miss Best Buy, but I felt I wasn’t being treated right. I felt the appreciation wasn’t there. I gave 100 percent of myself to Best Buy.”

Best Buy says; “We’ll miss Jarvis, and while he’s lost his place in line he hasn’t lost his place in our hearts. We hope he finds whatever he’s looking for this holiday season and, in the meantime, we look forward to serving customers across the Valley who want the best tech deals this week and beyond.”

Jarvis had camped out in front of Best Buy for 11 straight years.



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