So, Who Won At The American Music Awards?


Do you like Ariana Grande? Good, because the girl won big-time at the American Music Awards tonight. She took home Artist of the Year, which pretty much cements her career for the next decade or so. Congratulations, you little pony-tailed princess!


So, who else won? Hmmm…Selena Gomez took the trophy for Favorite Female Artist: Pop/Rock. She gave a very emotional acceptance speech, have a listen…

Sniff…ALL the feels, Selena!



Twenty-One Pilots won Best Alternative Band, likely on the success of their massive hit off the “Suicide Squad” soundtrack.

Top Soundtrack made me actually cry a little- it went posthumously to Prince for Purple Rain, his 1984 insanely successful soundtrack to his film of the same name.



The legendary Sting won the AMA Award of Merit- presented to him by the Awesome of Robert Downey Jr.



Not that this will shock you, but Justin Bieber took home more awards than his little tattooed arms could carry- Favorite Pop/Rock Album, Favorite Pop/Rock Song, and Favorite Male Pop/Rock Artist. And a lot of fangirls in the audience cried and stuff.



Favorite EDM Group went to the Chainsmokers, whose song “Don’t Let Me Down” has been on replay in my car for maybe…5 months straight.


Green Day performed, and you know perfectly well they weren’t letting this moment pass without a political statement. Skip if you’re not in the mood- but the song sounded SO. GOOD.


Plus, there was Lady Gaga. So it was really the perfect night. There were a bunch more winners, but I got tired and had to finish some laundry, so you’ll find them here. And as they say at every. Freaking. Awards Ceremony: “Good night everybody!!”


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