Yippee-Ki-Yay, Holiday Fans: Die Hard Hits Theaters Again!

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Die Hard: A Festive Debate Reignites

The age-old debate is back: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? This year, you have a chance to watch it on the big screen and make up your mind. 20th Century Studios is bringing the 1988 Bruce Willis action-packed film back to theaters. It’s a limited-time treat, running from December 8th to December 14th. Broadway Centre Cinemas will show the film starting December 8th.

A Holiday Tradition with a Twist

Die Hard stars Bruce Willis as John McClane, a New York City cop who finds himself battling terrorists in a Los Angeles skyscraper during a Christmas party. The film, directed by John McTiernan, became a massive success and spawned a franchise. But its place as a Christmas movie has always sparked lively discussions.

Tickets are already up for grabs online. This isn’t the first time Die Hard has made a holiday comeback. In 2018, for its 30th anniversary, it also graced the theaters during the festive season.

More Than Just Explosions: A Christmas Dilemma

So, what’s your take? Is Die Hard part of your Christmas movie marathon, or do you prefer more traditional holiday fare? And here’s another thought – do you enjoy Christmas movies outside the festive season? Watch the trailer below to get into the festive spirit:

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