There’s a New Beer Coming Soon That Tastes Like . . . Mr. Peanut?

Since there are now approximately 400 million craft breweries in this country, they’re all searching for that weird gimmick that’s going to make their beer stand out.

And the latest is . . . beer that tastes like Mr. Peanut.

Noon Whistle Brewing in Lombard, Illinois is teaming up with Planters to make a beer called Mr. IPA-Nut.  It’s got Mr. Peanut on the can and, yeah, it’s got his signature peanut flavor, in beer form.

Planters says the beer, quote, “has a unique citrus aroma with a hint of honey-roasted peanuts followed by a slightly salty finish.”

If you want to try it, it’s going to go on sale this weekend at the brewery, and at a bunch of liquor stores around Illinois.

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