The Ten Rudest Things People Do at Restaurants

 If people are willing to be EXTREMELY rude when they’re eating in public, imagine what they’re like in the privacy of their own homes?

A new survey asked people:  What’s the RUDEST thing people do at restaurants?  And here are the top 10 responses . . .

1.  Snapping their fingers for the server.

2.  Being too loud and rowdy.

3.  Letting their kids watch loud videos on a phone.

4.  Blowing their nose into a napkin.

5.  Texting at the table.

6.  Letting their kids play with the silverware and condiments.

7.  Putting their phone out on the table next to them.

8.  Not leaving an appropriate tip.

9.  Taking a picture of their food.

10.  Asking for ketchup in a fancy restaurant.

(Daily Mail)

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