The Police’s Synchronicity: 40th Anniversary Box Set

The Police

The Police Reveal ‘Synchronicity’ 40th Anniversary Box Set

A Timeless Classic Revisited

The Police are set to celebrate a milestone in their career by releasing a massive 40th-anniversary box set of their landmark album Synchronicity. This six-disc set promises to be a treasure trove for fans, offering a deep dive into the era of one of the band’s most celebrated works.

Unreleased Gems and Live Performances

The box set will feature 55 previously unreleased tracks, a treat for enthusiasts and collectors alike. Among these, listeners can expect to find Sting’s original demos, providing an intimate glimpse into the genesis of these classic songs. Additionally, the set includes a complete live show recorded in Oakland, California, in September 1983, capturing the band at the height of their powers. Learn more about the release here. 

Beyond the Music

Brand new liner notes and interviews enhance the musical offerings, shedding light on the album’s creation and the band’s dynamics during this period. The set also boasts never-before-seen photographs, offering a visual journey through the making of Synchronicity and The Police’s storied career.

Release Date and Anniversary Clarification

The set is scheduled for release on July 26th, 2024. While it might seem like a 41st-anniversary edition, given the original album’s 1983 release date, these sets sometimes experience delays or are strategically released slightly after the exact anniversary year for various reasons, including production timelines or marketing strategies.

The Pinnacle of The Police’s Career?

Synchronicity is often hailed as The Police’s magnum opus. With hits like “Every Breath You Take,” “King of Pain,” and “Wrapped Around Your Finger,” the album not only achieved critical acclaim but also cemented the band’s place in rock history. However, opinions on their best work can be subjective. Albums like Reggatta de Blanc and Ghost in the Machine are highly praised for their unique contributions to the band’s evolution and the broader musical landscape. Listen to BOB FM live.

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