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The 1975 Unveils Their Latest Cover: “Now Is the Hour”

The band The 1975, led by the charismatic Matthew Healy, recently released a captivating cover of the classic hit “Now Is the Hour.” This particular version accompanies the soundtrack of the Apple TV+ series, The New Look. Eager listeners can explore their rendition of the song by checking the link provided below.

Jack Antonoff Spearheads Production Efforts

The musical genius behind the scenes of The New Look is the renowned producer, Jack Antonoff. His expertise has infused Healy’s cover with a modern twist, offering a fresh and immersive listening experience to audiences around the globe.

A Distinguished Ensemble Enhances the Soundtrack

Accompanying The 1975 in this auditory venture are acclaimed musicians such as Lana Del Rey, Nick Cave, and Florence and the Machine. Their distinctive talents contribute to the soundtrack of The New Look, perfectly complementing the series’ mid-20th-century setting with their musical offerings.

The Legacy of “Now Is the Hour” and The 1975’s Interpretation

The song “Now Is the Hour,” crafted by Clement Scott, Dorothy Stewart, and Maewa Kahihau, has been cherished through the decades. Bing Crosby’s iconic version in the 1940s stands out as a particularly memorable performance, touching hearts across different eras. The 1975 now adds their unique touch to this cherished melody, introducing it to new audiences with their distinct style.

For those who are avid followers of The 1975 or those who enjoy innovative renditions of classic songs, the band’s take on “Now Is the Hour” in the The New Look soundtrack is a must-listen. Dive deeper into The 1975’s top tracks.



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