Rocking the Stage: MTV VMA 2023 Nominees Announced

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Rock Royalty: MTV VMA 2023 Nominees Revealed

The MTV Video Music Awards (MTV VMA) are back, and the 2023 nominations for the Best Rock category are out! Its lineup promises to thrill rock music fans, featuring both legends and rising stars. Watch the nominated videos below.

Metallica: Masters of Metal

The legendary metal band Metallica has been nominated for “Lux Æterna.” Their influence on the heavy metal genre is unparalleled, and they continue to inspire new generations of rockers.

Muse: Experimental Rock Pioneers

Known for their experimental sound, Muse are in the running with “You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween.” They’ve been pushing the boundaries of rock for years, and this nomination is a testament to their creativity.

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Funky Rock Legends

With their unique blend of rock, funk, and punk, Red Hot Chili Peppers have been nominated for “Tippa My Tongue.” They’ve been a staple in the music scene for decades, and this nomination is well-deserved.

Foo Fighters: The Rock Teachers

Nominated for “The Teacher,” Foo Fighters are no strangers to the VMAs. The band has been rocking audiences since the 1990s, led by Dave Grohl.

Linkin Park: Fusion Rock Trailblazers

The defining force in the fusion of rock and rap, Linkin Park has been nominated for “Lost (Original Version).” Their influence continues to be felt across the music industry.

Måneskin: Italy’s Rock Sensation

The Italian rock sensation Måneskin has been nominated for “THE LONELIEST.” They’ve taken the world by storm, and this nomination is a nod to their global success.

Cast Your Vote: Rock the Ballot!

Fans, it’s your turn to make some noise! Support your favorite bands by voting at until September 1st. The 2023 VMAs will be broadcasted on September 12th. So, when was the last time you truly immersed yourself in a music video? Don’t miss this chance to engage with the best of rock!

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