Remember When People Could Submit Ideas for Oreo Flavors? Here Are the Three They’re Making

Oreo has been releasing a constant supply of new flavors for the past few years.  And in May, they decided to get even MORE ideas, by holding a contest where people could submit ideas.

Well, they just announced the three finalists:

1.  Cherry Cola.  These are chocolate cookies, cream that’s half white, half cherry, with popping candies in it to imitate the bubbles in soda.

2.  Kettle Corn.  These are vanilla cookies with little corn pops mixed into the cream.

3.  And Pina Colada.  These are Oreo Thins . . . strike one . . . and they’re vanilla cookies with a pineapple-coconut cream.  There’s no fancy gimmick beyond that, like the other two flavors have . . . strike two.  The Pina Colada flavor is in trouble.

Anyway, all of the flavors will come out in May.  And after you try them, you can vote for your favorite.  The person who submitted the winning flavor will get $500,000.



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