Power Chords: President Zelensky’s Playlist Unveiled

President Zelensky
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President Zelensky Unveils His Power Playlist

Every soul on Earth seeks a rhythm to drive their spirit, including the one’s steering nations. Ukraine’s charismatic leader, President Volodymyr Zelensky, recently divulged his eclectic musical tastes that fuel his stamina amidst the nation’s ongoing conflict with Russia.

In a candid conversation with CNN, Zelensky confessed his deep-seated admiration for classic rock maestros AC/DC, guitar virtuoso Eric Clapton, and the indomitable Guns N’ Roses, remarking, “I love it.” This admission offers a unique glimpse into the mindset of this unconventional world leader.

An Early Morning Boost with Classic Rock

There’s something extraordinary about music’s power to kick-start the day, especially for leaders facing the most challenging circumstances. For Zelensky, the scorching riffs of AC/DC, the soulful licks of Eric Clapton, or the brash rawness of Guns and Roses act as the perfect tonic. “It’s important to have sometimes at six, seven in the morning some trainings…,” he notes.

Music and Power: An Unsurprising Combo?

As we delve into Zelensky’s playlist, it sparks the question: What music stirs your emotions and energy? And why does Zelensky’s choice of music make sense or come as a surprise?

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