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Band on the Run: A Fresh Take on a Wing’s Classic

Get ready to rediscover Paul McCartney and Wings’ 1973 gem, Band on the Run, as it approaches its 50th anniversary. Mark your calendars for February 2, 2024, because this isn’t just a typical re-release. This special edition brings us two distinct versions: a cutting-edge Dolby Atmos mix and a unique “underdubbed” version, offering a new way to experience this classic album.

Rediscovering McCartney’s Vision: The Underdubbed Journey

Imagine stripping back the layers of a painting to see its original strokes – that’s the essence of the “underdubbed” version. McCartney himself puts it best, describing it as a novel way to experience Band on the Run. This version is a treasure trove of rough mixes, the Geoff Emerick and Pete Swettenham handiwork from the original sessions at AIR Studios in 1973. It stays true to the sequence of the original analog tapes, providing a raw, unfiltered auditory journey.

Let’s return to 1971 when McCartney, post-Beatles, embarked on a new musical adventure with Wings. By 1973, Band on the Run emerged, capturing hearts and charts with its innovative blend of rock, pop, and narrative depth. Songs like “Band on the Run” and “Jet” became more than hits; they became musical landmarks, showcasing McCartney’s genius in weaving stories through melodies.

Listen to the 2010 remaster of “Band on the Run” below:

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Fast forward to 2024, and the Dolby Atmos version of the album, expertly mixed by Giles Martin and Steve Orchard, will bring a modern auditory experience to these timeless tracks. This version envelops listeners in a soundscape of clarity and depth, bridging the gap between the past and present.

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