Next Year’s Crop of Emojis Could Include a Sad Poop, a Hippo, a Bagel, and Toilet Paper

It’s important to pay attention when new emojis come out, since I’m pretty sure they are now our primary form of communication.

The Unicode Consortium is the group that regulates emojis and picks what will make the official set . . . that then goes out to Apple, Google, Twitter, and the rest to add to your phone.  And they just announced their final candidates for next year.

There’s no guarantee these will get picked, but they PROBABLY will next June.  And then you could see them on your phone by the end of the year.  Here are some of the best ones . . .

1.  Smiley face with superhero cape.

2.  The poop but with a SAD FACE.

3.  Animals including a kangaroo, llama, peacock, hippo, and lobster.

4.  Foods like a mango, sliced bagel, and cupcake.

5.  A skateboard.

6.  A brick wall.

7.  A teddy bear.

8.  And a roll of toilet paper.


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