Mattel Just Introduced New Ken Dolls

Barbie’s gotten thousands of different looks over the years, but Ken has basically always looked the same.  That all just changed big time.  Except, you know, down there.  He’s still smooth and junk-free since ’59!

Mattel just announced they’re rolling out a HUGE variety of new Ken dolls.  There are seven different skin tones, three different body types, and nine hairstyles.

The body types are regular, slender, and, quote, “broad.”  Basically, that’s a “dad bod,” although from the pictures, he’s really not THAT broad.

The hairstyles are getting the most attention though, mainly because one of them is a MAN BUN.  The other one that’s pretty unexpected is corn rows . . . but no one’s really talking about that, because everyone’s focused on that man bun.

Ten of these new Kens hit stores yesterday, and five more are going to roll out over the next few months.




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