“Mad Max: Fury Road” – The Perfect Storm of Awesome

(Cover photo courtesy of: Rene Kisselbach)

Finally!  A blockbuster summer film that has something for everyone.  Mad Max: Fury Road has car crashes, explosions, triple tornadoes and more gimps than “American Horror Story: Freak Show.”

charlize theron (2)

(Photo courtesy of: Charles Roffey)

For the men, there’s Charlize Theron.  Don’t worry if you drool a little, your girlfriend will never notice, because Max is played by Tom Hardy.  With stubble.

tom hardy

(Photo courtesy of: som sol’n förlät)

See what I mean about something for everyone?

The first trailer dropped this week for Mad Max, and if it doesn’t make you want to run outside and set fire to something, you’re either in a coma or a full body cast.  Mad Max: Fury Road is the perfect storm of awesome. Want to geek out on all the explosive, firey, kind of bloody details?  Check out Buzzfeed’s play by play. Mad Max hits theaters in June 2015.

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