Kelly Clarkson Nails Aerosmith Cover

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson Rocks the Stage with Aerosmith Cover

Kelly Clarkson, known for her powerhouse vocals and genre versatility, wowed fans again with her latest Kellyoke segment on The Kelly Clarkson Show. On the July 10 episode, the American Idol alum took on Aerosmith’s soulful ballad “Angel,” delivering a rendition that both honored the original and showcased her unique vocal prowess.

A Familiar Tune

This isn’t the first time Clarkson has ventured into Aerosmith’s catalog. Fans of the show will recall her unforgettable performance of the rock classic “Dream On,” where she quickly hit the song’s iconic high notes, proving her rock credentials.

The Magic of Kellyoke

The Kellyoke segment has become a staple of Clarkson’s talk show, allowing her to cover various songs across various genres. From pop and country to rock and soul, Clarkson’s versatility shines through, making each performance a must-watch moment.

What’s Next for Kellyoke?

With her impressive cover of “Angel,” fans are buzzing about which rock anthem Clarkson might tackle next. Suggestions range from Queen’s “Somebody to Love” to Heart’s “Barracuda,” showcasing the vast array of songs that suit her dynamic voice.

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