It Turns Out Every WiFi Network in the World Is Vulnerable

Oh man, I hope Russia hasn’t heard about this.  So . . . um . . . if you’re listening, Comrades, maybe DO touch that dial?

Researchers in Belgium just found that WiFi isn’t safe.  Literally, EVERY WiFi network in the world uses a security protocol that has a flaw.  And that means it can be hacked.

Hackers could use that flaw to intercept any data you send from your computer or your phone . . . including credit card info, passwords, emails, or your HOT NUDEZ.  They could also possibly put stuff on your computer, like a virus.

So what can you do about it?  Unfortunately, not much . . . it’s not like changing your passwords will fix this.  We’re kind of at the mercy of the companies and organizations that regulate the WiFi standards to come up with patches.

Until then, you can avoid public networks and stay on the one at home, because your router SHOULD have a little extra security to protect you.

But if you want to go more extreme, you could plug your computer into your router directly, instead of using wireless internet, and just use your phone’s data plan and not WiFi.


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