Here’s How Much Black Licorice It Would Take to Kill You

Black licorice is DEADLY.  It tries to warn you with its terrible taste.  But if you just plow through and keep eating it anyway . . . well, you actually MIGHT overdose on the stuff.

Black licorice has a chemical compound called glycyrrhizin.  (Pronounced gliss ur RYE zin.)  And if you have too much of it, it can increase your blood pressure, mess with your heart rhythm . . . and maybe even cause heart failure.

So . . . how much black licorice could put you in danger?  It’s a lot . . . but maybe less than you’d think.

According to the FDA, if you eat two ounces of black licorice every day for at least two weeks, that’s when you could start having problems.

So eat your black licorice in moderation . . . or do what most of us do, and don’t eat it at all.


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