Five Weird Signs You’re Smarter Than Average

Someone put together a list of weird signs you’re smarter than the average person.  We’ve seen some of them before, like people who are left-handed tend to have higher IQ’s.  But a few were new to us.

Here are five we liked . . .

1.  You’re a first child.  A study in 2007 looked at 250,000 people, and found that the oldest child in a family had an IQ about 2 points higher than their siblings.  It’s probably because first-born kids get more attention from their parents.

2.  You’re a night owl.  A study in 2013 found people who like to stay up late tend to have higher IQ’s.  And they make more money than early risers, which is surprising.

3.  You lack common sense.  Sometimes smart people overthink things when they’d be better off going with their gut.  Thinking things through is usually good.  But if you make a bad decision, you can look like an idiot for not making the OBVIOUS choice.

4.  You’ve done DRUGS before.  Obviously doing them doesn’t MAKE you smarter.  But people with high IQ’s are more likely to try them, and more likely to abuse them.

5.  You have a sick, twisted sense of humor.  A study earlier this year found people who like dark humor that involves things like illness and death score higher on IQ tests.



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