Denny’s Is Launching 24-Hour Delivery

Denny’s might not have the BEST food.  But their menu is huge, they’re open all the time, and they serve breakfast all day.  So this might actually work . . .

Denny’s just announced they’re rolling out a new 24-hour DELIVERY service at about half of their locations around the country.  They’re planning to add more locations once it’s up and running.

You can get breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  And if you’re worried about cold eggs and soggy pancakes showing up, they CLAIM that won’t happen.

They keep things like pancakes separate from all the other food.  And they engineered a special box with vents on the side to keep stuff from getting soggy.

They tested it in a few markets and claim it works.  It kind of just looks like a normal box with holes though, so we’re skeptical.  But they claim it keeps French fries from getting soggy too, which would be a HUGE development in the food-delivery game.

You can order through their app . . . their website . . . or by direct messaging them on Twitter.  And you’ll also be able to order through Facebook soon.

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