Dave Grohl Duets With Daughter In L.A.

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Like Father, Like Daughter: The Grohls’ Musical Rendezvous in L.A.

Dave Grohl, the iconic frontman of the Foo Fighters and former drummer of the legendary grunge band Nirvana, recently shared a heartwarming moment with his daughter Violet. The duo performed together at a concert in Los Angeles, showcasing their musical talents and deep family bond.

A Family Affair: Dave Grohl and Daughter Violet Share the Stage

In a memorable performance, Violet Grohl took the stage with Mike Garson, the renowned pianist known for his work with David Bowie. The highlight of the evening was when Dave Grohl joined his daughter for a special performance. Together, they covered two significant songs: “Show Me How” by the Foo Fighters and “Heart Shaped Box” by Nirvana. This event not only highlighted Violet’s emerging talent but also paid homage to Dave’s illustrious musical career. Watch the clips below:


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Dave Grohl’s journey in the music industry is marked by his tenure with Nirvana, where he played drums alongside Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic. After Cobain’s tragic death, Grohl formed the Foo Fighters, where he transitioned to lead vocals and guitar, achieving significant success and acclaim. The Foo Fighters, known for hits like “Everlong” and “Learn to Fly,” have become a staple in the rock and alternative music scene.

The Grohl Legacy: Passing the Torch

The performance in Los Angeles was a testament to the musical legacy that Dave Grohl is passing to his daughter. Violet’s choice to perform “Heart Shaped Box,” a song from Nirvana’s critically acclaimed album In Utero, was particularly poignant. It not only showcased her vocal abilities but also connected her to a pivotal part of her father’s musical history.

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After the show, Mike Garson shared his enthusiasm on Twitter, stating, “What a wonderful night together!” This sentiment was undoubtedly shared by the audience, who witnessed a unique blend of past and present musical eras.

Grohl Family Rocks L.A.: A Night of Music and Memories

This performance raises the question: Who enjoyed the moment more, Violet or Dave? For the audience, it was a rare opportunity to see the intergenerational collaboration of the Grohls, blending the iconic sounds of Nirvana and the Foo Fighters with fresh, emerging talent.

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