Being a Workaholic Is Healthy, But Only If You Love Your Job

  According to new research, being a workaholic ISN’T always bad for your health.  It can actually be good for you . . . but only if you love your job.

Researchers in Canada teamed up with researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of North Carolina.  They had about 1,300 people answer questions about their work schedule, health, and wellbeing.

And they found that working long hours when you enjoy your job can have POSITIVE effects on your health.

Workaholics who loved their jobs were LESS likely to have risk factors for things like heart disease and diabetes.  But people who worked long hours and DIDN’T love their job were more likely to end up with health issues.

So if you constantly work 10-hour days just to get ahead . . . or so you don’t get fired . . . it can have a negative effect on your health.  But if you do it because you love your job, you’re fine.


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