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Zach Efron stars in the Iron Claw
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The Iron Claw: A Tribute to Wrestling’s Beloved Von Erichs

Exciting news for wrestling fans. A24 has just dropped the trailer for The Iron Claw, a tribute to the legendary Von Erich brothers. With Zac Efron, Jeremy Allen White, and Harris Dickinson in the lead roles, this film is set to be a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

The Von Erichs: Texas’ Wrestling Sweethearts

The 1980s saw the rise of the Von Erich family as the darlings of professional wrestling, especially in their home turf of Texas. Guided by their father, Fritz Van Erich (AKA The Iron Claw, not to be confused with the Iron Sheik), they became the heart and soul of the World Class Championship Wrestling circuit. Kerry (played by White), fondly known as “The Modern Day Warrior” and “The Texas Tornado,” was a fan favorite. His brothers, Kevin (Efron’s character) and David (Dickinson’s role), weren’t far behind, earning their own share of love with titles like “The Golden Warrior” and “The Yellow Rose of Texas.”

When Life Threw a Curveball

Life wasn’t always rosy for the Von Erichs. They faced their share of challenges, from David’s sudden passing due to acute enteritis to the heart-wrenching suicides of Kerry, Chris, and Mike. These events led to talks of the so-called “Von Erich Curse.”

A Little More on the Von Erichs

The Von Erichs weren’t just wrestlers; they were storytellers who brought a unique flair to the professional wrestling scene. Their journey, filled with both triumphant moments and personal challenges, remains one of the most touching tales in sports entertainment. Watch the trailer:

Their Journey Beyond the Mat

Mark your calendars for December 22nd, as that’s when The Iron Claw hits theaters, thanks to A24. In other news, Jeremy Allen White is stealing the spotlight in The Bear, Zac Efron charmed us in The Greatest Beer Run Ever, and Harris Dickinson impressed in See How They Run.

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