A New Survey Finds People’s Opinions on How to Hang Toilet Paper, Ketchup on Hot Dogs, and More

 I’m not sure this is a great time to talk about little things that are dividing the country . . . because we’re all plenty busy with the BIG things that are . . . but apparently no one mentioned that to Buzzfeed.

They just released the results of a survey on the little things that people have STRONG opinions about.  Here’s what they found . . .

1.  84% of people hang their toilet paper in the “over” style, 16% go “under.”

2.  53% think green candies should be lime flavored, 47% think they should be apple.

3.  80% put ketchup on their hot dogs, 20% don’t . . . and 89% say hot dogs are NOT sandwiches.

4.  56% prefer Macs, 44% choose PCs.

5.  70% like dogs, 30% like cats.

6.  87% prefer paper books, 13% like e-books.

7.  And 55% say pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza, 45% say it does.



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