A Couple Surprised Their Autistic Son with His Own Mini Blockbuster Store

We’ll do anything to make our kids happy.  And this is such a great example.  A couple in south Texas named Hector and Rosa Zuniga have a 20-year-old son named Hector, who’s autistic and non-verbal.  (It’s pronounced Zoo-KNEE-guh.)

For the past seven years, they’ve taken him to their local Blockbuster store twice a week and he LOVES it.  It’s part of his routine, and one of his favorite things to do.

But a few months ago, an employee told them the store would be CLOSING.  Which they knew he’d be devastated about, so they came up with a plan.

When the store officially closed this past Sunday, they took him down to show him what was happening, so he’d fully understand.  He was pretty upset about it.  But then they told him they had a surprise.

They’d secretly been buying up all his favorite DVDs.  Employees even set stuff aside for him, so no one else could buy it.  And when they got home, they surprised him with his OWN mini Blockbuster store that they set up in a spare room.

They bought an actual rack from the store that closed, and got a few Blockbuster signs.  So it looks pretty legit.  His brother posted photos of it online.

His dad says that even though he doesn’t talk, he was able to say thank you in his own way.  He walked up to him and touched his ear, which is what he does when he wants to say, “I love you.”

(Huffington Post)


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