Top 5 Sylvester Stallone Movie Soundtracks from the 80’s

This is a compilation of the best Sylvester Stallone 80’s iconic music soundtracks from a few different movies. This list includes some of the best theme songs to come out of the 80’s. Rocky, unfortunately Rambo didn’t have much, but Over The Top was another good one.

Here is the list.


Song #5 from the Movie Rocky IV


Song #4 was from Over the Top. Sly plays a truck driver that arm wrestle to get enough money to take care of his son.


Song #3 is from Rocky IV. Not many Rocky movies had amazing music except for Rocky 3 and 4.


Song #2 was from Rick James Living in America


The #1 spot is none other than Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger. We’ve all turned this one up to get motivated, pumped.  I use to turn this up when asking that girl in high school to go on a date. It was a routine. working out and hitting the weights harder, had to get that last hard run in. Man it was motivational.

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