Todd & Erin Renew Their Wedding Vows – 19 Years!

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Todd & Erin Renew Their Wedding Vows – 19 Years! Erin here. So, 19 years ago today The Todd and I got married at The Tuscany in an old-school Scottish wedding ceremony. (Editor’s note: I did skip out on my mother-in-law’s hope that we’d perform the handfasting, which means combining clan blood with a cut to each palm and wrapping the tartans over the clasped hands. Sorry, maybe I’m a wimp. Maybe I didn’t want to get blood on the Vera Wang wedding dress I borrowed from my sister. Either way, Miss Virginia was a little disappointed in me.)



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So, in the time-honored cheesy fashion of morning radio, we scrounged up some flowers and an awkward lit arch (that promptly collapsed on top of us just after the ceremony) and made poor Producer Wes be the flower girl. Our wonderful friend Jon Watkins (morning show host at our sister station 101.5 The Eagle) officiated as our minister. As silly and sweet as it was, when it came to say “I do,” we both started crying. How have you renewed your vows? Spill! Dish!

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