The “Why Do?” Question That’s Googled the Most in Every State

Apparently Google has become more than just a basic search engine . . . it’s now where we go for EVERY question we have, no matter how PERSONAL it might be.  You know Google keeps records on all of us, right?

AT&T just did a study on what “Why do?” question people Google the most in every state.  Here are some of the highlights . . .

1.  “Why do my boobs hurt?” is the top question in Indiana and Colorado.  And on a sort of similar note, people in Idaho and Ohio are curious “Why do men have nipples?”

2.  The biggest question on people’s minds in New York is “Why do feet smell?”

3.  The top question in South Carolina and D.C. is “Why do I sweat so much?”

4.  “Why do I feel so alone?” is the top question in Florida . . . and in Georgia, people are wondering, “Why do you love me?”

5.  And finally, the biggest question in Michigan is, “Why do I have diarrhea?”

(Mental Floss

(Here are the results for every state.)



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