The Five Most Expensive Movies Ever Made


The Five Most Expensive Movies Ever Made. Ever wondered how much your favorite summer blockbuster cost? Some of them might surprise you. All of these budgets are adjusted for inflation- meaning this is what they’d cost today to make, along with what the film made at the box office.


hp half blood

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5. Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince (2009) – The budget for the Harry Potter spectacular was $277,495,257. Just by stating it’s a Harry Potter flick, you know it made bank at the box office- but not what you think. With a US take of $333,573,000, profit on this sucker was a mere $56,077,743.



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4. Tangled (2010) – It’s an animated film, no big stars, so how could it be all that expensive? It was, with a galactic budget of $283,937,704. Since the flick only made $218,253,000 at the box office, that’s a loss of $65,684,704.


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3. Spider-Man 3 (2007) – The sequel made an unbelieveable $165,000,000 the first weekend at the box office, so the profits must be huge, right? The budget for the blockbuster was $296,312,643. With a final US box office take of $384,745,000, the profit here was only $88,432,357.



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2. Titanic (1997) – Director James Cameron took huge heat from the studio executives for a gigantic budget of $296,737,695 to finish the film. But US box office for the movie that made A-listers of Leonardo DeCaprio and Kate Winslet was an unbelievable $972,516,000. That gave the studio a profit of $675,778,305.



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And at number one on our list…

Pirates Of The Carribean: At World’s End (2007) – You’d think this sucker would have paid for the retirement of every employee at Disney, right? The budget was a stratospheric $344,549,585. With a US box office result of $353,733,000, that’s a measly profit of $9,183,415 – not even enough to pay for Johnny Depp’s tattoos. (But I love the organ that scary Davy Jones played – I’d totally spend my retirement to buy that prop and keep it in my living room.)

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