Soul Soaring! Duets With Your Favorite Stars


Soul Soaring! Duets With Your Favorite Stars. Have you seen the new Smule Sing! App? Well-known rock stars and such run a split screen duet that looks like they’re interacting with the other singer. The song “Flashlight” from “Pitch Perfect 2” is especially successful because Jessie J is incredibly convincing as you watch the duet together – so convincing, in fact that the person singing with her blurts out answers to her comments involuntarily, even though THEY certainly know it’s taped.

I can’t even stand how beautiful these duets are – I shook and swayed through about 20 of them yesterday in our control room, hair rising on the back of my neck. Watching these gorgeous little people–most of them teens or younger–with these huge, magnificent voices–wow! Have a listen and save them for the next time you need a mood lift.


Flashlight: Jessie J and Zendee – I love how she clutches her Elmo doll for comfort, then makes a little sassy shake when she realizes she’s KILLING it.


Flashlight: Jessie J and Bernice Shane – this little dollbaby is only 9, wait ’till you hear her gain her confidence.


Flashlight: Jessie J and Arisa – this little sweetheart with her round spectacles and earnest expression make you want to pick her up and hug her. But when she opens her mouth: WOW.


Flashlight: Jessie J and Sonny Sinay – I absolutely loved this duet because Sonny’s so clearly into it, and his voice is beautiful; clear, high, full of emotion.


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