Someone Dropped $10,000 in a Salvation Army Bucket

The Salvation Army gets almost 40% of its annual donations from those red buckets they set up outside grocery stores during the holidays.  So all the bell-ringing can be annoying, but it’s worth it.

And they just got a very BIG donation last week.

On Wednesday, volunteers checked a red kettle that was set up outside a grocery store in Portland, Oregon.  And there was a $100 bill on top.  Then they realized it wasn’t the ONLY $100 bill in there.

It turned out someone had walked by and tossed a HUNDRED $100 bills in the bucket.  If you’re not great at math, that’s TEN THOUSAND BUCKS.

It’s the largest single donation they’ve ever gotten in the Portland area.

The largest in the U.S. was probably two years ago, when someone dropped a check for HALF-A-MILLION dollars into a Salvation Army kettle in Minnesota.

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