Seriously? 2016, ENOUGH!

Glenn Frey

(photo credit: Steve Alexander)

Seriously? 2016, ENOUGH! It seems like we’ve had more than our share of loss from the entertainment world this month. The latest is Glenn Frey from the Eagles. Glenn passed away Monday from complications due to cancer, rheumatoid athritis and acute ulcerative colitis. Glenn and Don Henley wrote most of the songs in the Eagle’s catalogue – and both Type “A” personalities freely admitted to nearly punching each other while trying to agree on songs for each album. Frey sang lead on classics like “Take It Easy,” “The Heat Is On,” “You Belong To The City,” and “Take It To The Limit.”


glenn frey 2

(photo credit: Steve Alexander)

Personal story: I used to be friends with a group of 20-somethings from a certain record label who act as personal assistants to members of the band when the Eagles would go on tour. They would literally trip over each other to volunteer to work for Glenn, because he was genuinely kind and patient with everyone. The others? Not so much.


Here’s some of the reactions on Twitter yesterday:








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Someone had the nerve to correct Steve Martin for saying “Eagles” intead of “The Eagles.” Really?





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