Returning Space Station Astronauts Fear They’ll Feel More Isolated On Earth

Astronauts coming home next week admit “I think I will feel more isolated on Earth”

At least two people have watched the coronavirus pandemic unfold from a completely different perspective than the rest of us have: the astronauts aboard the International Space Station. And they admit they’re a little uneasy about returning to the “surreal” situation on Earth next week.

In a press conference on Friday, Jessica Meir and Andrew Morgan expressed their disbelief over the impact the coronavirus has had on their home turf. “It’s quite surreal to see it unfolding on Earth below,” Meir said. “From here, Earth looks just as stunning as usual, so it’s hard to believe all of the changes that have taken place since we left.”

The duo — who held the press conference with a third astronaut who just arrived Thursday — say while they’re excited about coming home, they’re not looking forward to dealing with Planet Earth’s new way of life. “It will be difficult to not give hugs to family and friends after being up here for seven months,” Meir said. “I think I will feel more isolated on Earth than here because it’s expected up here.”

If you were on the space station right now, would you want to stay there for a few more months? If civilization was wiped out by an apocalypse, would astronauts be able to get back home?

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