Remember When MTV Played Videos?

Okay, I was really young when MTV actually signed on the air, but I do remember a time when they actually played videos all day on MTV complete with “V Jays” that announced the songs…like us DJs still do on the radio! Outside of the occasional video clip, or the VMA awards show. I Honestly don’t even know if they play videos on MTV now. I stay away from the network because of the non-stop reality TV programming. It must be working though because MTV is still on the air, and making money. Here is an interesting fact, people have been complaining about MTV not playing videos longer than they actually played videos.

Do you know the 1st video that ever played on MTV?? It was a song by the Buggles called “Video Killed The Radio Star”, a song about this new MTV video age killing the radio star. Ironically, in this on-demand world we live in where everyone has some kind of a device with access to music at their fingertips, radio stars are still alive and thriving in 2014. Where are all the MTV “V Jays”??  What do you think? Should MTV play videos? Would it work? My guess is their current formula is working, so why change it? So for now we will enjoy the occasional video clip on MTV, and if you remember a day when MTV played videos, reminisce with me below.



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