Post Malone Supports Ozzy Osbourne After Parkinson’s Diagnosis

Ozzy Osbourne says he won’t be here “that much longer” after revealing Parkinson’s diagnosis.

Even though they had recently recorded together and performed live on the same stage, Post Malone wasn’t aware that Ozzy Osbourne has been suffering from a form of Parkinson’s. Speaking to Page Six, the cross-over star admitted he “had no idea” anything was wrong with The Prince Of Darkness, noting, “Working with him and hanging out with him and being around him, you can’t tell. You can tell he has a little difficulty getting around, but he’s so strong.”

Posty isn’t worried about Ozzy, telling the gossip column, he’s “gonna keep kicking ass.” Ozzy’s relationship with Post led to the rock legend writing his upcoming studio album, Ordinary Man.


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