Win $2,000 for Your Mom for Mother’s Day!

Mom has done so much for you!

The very least you can do for your dear, sweet mother is enter this contest to win her $2,000! We have no doubt that if you win, Mom would probably spend some of it on you. It’s what she does. We recommend that you insist she spends it all on herself. She probably has a bucket list of things she wants to do: a cruise, skydiving, take up archery, a tour of an Italian winery, extreme pilates, helicopter pilot school, a new tattoo…surely she deserves it.

Enter here to win $2,000 for your dear, sweet Mom!*

Think of all the fantastic things your mom had done for you over all the years. She was there for your and your dirty diapers. Your mother was there for you when your old man wouldn’t let you take the car out. She was there to talk you out of dating that one person that you met over Spring Break weekend! She was even there to remind you that you’re not too big for your britches. She was there to remind you to listen to 100.7 &

Just remember, if you win and don’t give all the cash to your mother, they’ll be no cookies on your birthday.

And don’t forget that Mother’s Day is coming up on May 8th, so if you need some ideas on ways to spend Mother’s Day, Postable has 27 ideas that could help.

*This is a national contest
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