Kids Getting Busted For Lemonade Stands Now Have Free Legal Help

I know it’s illegal but there are a few things in life that we should get away with.

  1. Going 4 MPH over the speed limit
  2. Helping a little old lady cross the street when there isn’t a cross-walk (jaywalking)
  3. Kids operating a lemonade stands without getting shut down (Yes it’s a thing)

Authorities have unbeknownst to us been shutting down child entrepreneurs all across the nation. We didn’t believe it until we started watching the reports of news outlets interviewing kids and parents after they’ve been shut down.

Country Time Lemonade has arrived to help. Here is what they had to say.

“Every year kids’ lemonade stands get busted for not having a permit. So Country Time is introducing Legal-Ade, a crack team ready to pay for lemonade stand permits and fines. Find out more at”

They have started a fund that will have as much as $500,000 to help kids in our neighborhoods.

kids are our future entrepreneurs, we should guide them and help them to be successful in their 3 hour afternoon venture. Ya it’s illegal but totally worth the lesson.

Side Note: Let’s be honest with all the rules and laws in place in most neighborhoods. These kids aren’t going to be allowed to get a permit to sell from their “front lawns”. It’s not zoned for commercial use I’m sure in most areas. I say more power to these young entrepreneurs and glad they now have someone that has their back.



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