James Bond Film “No Time to Die” Will Be The Longest Bond Film Ever

James Bond film No Time to Die will be the longest EVER with a 180-minute running time!

Start planning those bathroom breaks accordingly cause when the latest James Bond film “No Time To Die” hits theatres April 10th, it will be around 3 hours long. No Time To Die’s length will be the longest out of all 25 Bond films.

The Daily Mail says that the Bond movies have been getting longer with each film ever since actor Daniel Craig took on the role in 2006. Film critics call the longer run time could be a gamble, according to film critics, who say theatre-goers are getting fatigued on the recent run of longer films.

Does a film’s longer run-time discourage you from seeing it in theatres? Can you think of a movie that you’ve seen with a length of three hours or more?

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