I Could Have Dated Nicole Kidman!!! (And Other Lost Opportunities)

I’ve never seen a look of such utter chagrin on anyone’s face before.

Jimmy Fallon was hosting Nicole Kidman on The Tonight Show Tuesday when she launched into a story about wanting to “date” him when she was newly single after Tom Cruise. In sneaky Hollywood style, she had her agent call him and request a “meeting” about her upcoming film “Bewitched.”

nnicole kidman

(photo credit: Karen Bryan)

God bless him, Jimmy was an actor on “Saturday Night Live” then, and not particularly famous. Nicole Kidman however, was THE Most Beautiful Woman In The World on countless magazine covers and a total “A-Lister.” Apparently Fallon was utterly clueless, Nicole cut the meeting short thinking he wasn’t interested and they never spoke of it until Tuesday’s Tonight Show appearance. You HAVE to watch the man’s face when he realized the chance and it slipped through his fingers.

I Could Have Dated Nicole Kidman!!! (And Other Lost Opportunities)

Even though they’re both happily married to other people, there’s always that feeling of “REALLY? I could have DATED you?” I still remember a crush I had in college who later told me he’d always wanted to go out but I “seemed so happy just being friends.” AAAAAAAH! What’s your missed opportunity?

(Cover photo credit: Eva Rinaldi)

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