Harry Potter Fanatics – It’s Here!


harry 1

If you’ve ever thought you were meant to live in the world of Harry Potter, here’s your chance. The new Wizarding World Of Harry Potter is open at Universal Studios in Hollywood. The park just opened to the public this week, and some of our listeners who got in first report that it’s almost scarily true to life. The Hogwart’s Express is perfection, and the village of Hogsmeade is incredible- sit down for a butterbeer. At the castle, you can play with Professor Sprout’s screeching plants, watch the students in the Defense Against The Dark Arts class and walk through Professor Dumbledore’s office. (Does his pet Phoenix set on fire? I really want to see that!) and ride two different attractions. The Flight of the Hippogriff roller coaster is insane (here’s a video ride on the coaster.) Then, there’s the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, where you’re riding a broomstick with Harry, (here’s a sneak peek.)

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