Five Foreign Brands Americans Mispronounce

Someone posted a list of a bunch of company names that Americans don’t pronounce right.  We’d already seen a lot of them before, but here are five you might not know about . . .

1.  IKEA.  We say “EYE-kee-uh,” but in Sweden where it’s based, they say “EE-kee-uh.”  No one will know what you’re talking about if you say it like that here though.

2.  Nutella.  A lot of people say “NUH-tell-uh,” so the beginning sounds like the word “nut.”  But the right way to say it is “NEW-tell-uh.”

3.  The car brand Hyundai.  A lot of people say “hun-DIE,” or make it three syllables . . . “HY-un-day.”  But it’s really just, “hun-day.”  Also, a lot of people say “porsh,” but it’s really two syllables . . . “POR-shuh.”

4.  The German beer Hoegaarden.  Germans say it, “WHO-garden,” not “HOE-garden.”

5.  Samsung.  In South Korea where it’s based, they say “sam-SONG.”


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