Dane Cook, Sean Penn, Richard Gere All (Rockin’ The Cradle) Dating Young? What About Nick Jonas?

We see a good amount of people in the spotlight that have started dating people that are much younger than they are. Some call it “rocking the cradle”. For whatever reason society looks at it in bad taste. As if the older person is taking advantage of the much younger person. I’ve opened this topic up in the past on air and it seems that one equation always keeps popping up.




The topic was “How much of an age gap is ok.” And this was the general consensus of a few people.


Here is the equation

You divide the person’s age by 2 and add 7 years.

(This only works when the younger person is over 18 of legal age)

equals the ideal age or above to date that person.


46 year old Dane Cook

Divide By 2 = 23

Then add 7 years = 30 year old mate, or older would be the ideal age.


Dane Cook is is 46 dating a 19 year old

He met his girlfriend when he hosted a game night at his house. “We met at a game night I host at my place. We were friends for a while and soon after, fell in “like” with each and then upgraded to love. Kelsi is smart, kind, creative, loyal & honest. As for me, I think Kelsi would says I’m tolerable..”


56 year old Sean Penn

Divide By 2 = 27

Then add 7 years = 34 years old


Sean Penn is 56 and is dating a 26 year old

Penn has been with his 26-year-old girlfriend Leila George for around 2 years.


68 year old Richard Gere

Divide By 2 = 34

Then add 7 years = 41 years old.


Richard Gere is 68 and wife is 35 years old

His wife Alejandra is currently pregnant, the couple got married in a civil ceremony in April in Spain.




Nick Jonas 25 is currently engaged to Priyanka Chopra 36

Let’s do the math.


36 year old Priyanka Chopra

Divide By 2 = 18

Then add 7 years = 25 years old, or older would be her idel mate age.


Nick and Priyanka is the only couple that fit this mold.



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