Cupid is STUPID


Cupid is STUPID. Admit it, we’ve all said it more than once in our lives. Why fall into the tyranny of Valentine’s Day when you can make fun of it instead? Join us in the merry-making at the Second Annual Cupid Is STUPID bash at the Club at 50West.


We’ll burn old love letters on flash bang paper and beat the crap out of a giant heart pinata to get all those aggressions out. There’s HeartBreak Karaoke, dancing with DJ Jarvicious and prizes for the best break-up lines. The Club at 50West is trotting out a buffet, tasty Adult Beverages, and some incredible desserts – because even when Love is Fleeting, Chocolate is Forever.


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Admission is free, and we’ll party from 7pm to however long you can stay upright and keep dancing. Grab your friends and join us. Because NO ONE tells us what to do, especially the greeting card industry!

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