Cop Boxes Teen After Noise Complaint and “We Love It”

It’s a win-win situation

If you’ve ever boxed then you know that it’s more than just one man or woman hitting someone else in hopes to punch their lights out.

It’s about respect, discipline, courage to get hit over and over and get back up, and in the fight throwing punches that are not in anger.

A Texas police officer Winston Bowen nicknamed “Blade” after Marvel Comics was caught on video during an impromptu boxing match with a teen after responding to a noise complaint.

“They were having a little barbeque, they were playing some music, and there were some kids out there with some gloves,” Bowen told tv station KTVT. “There’s this perception that police officers have guns, we have a badge, but we can’t fight.”

One witness told the tv station that “everybody” in the neighborhood loves Bowen.“When he pulls up, they’re like, ‘Aw, there’s Officer Blade.

Here is a what the Mesquite (Texas) Police association had to say.

“We are so proud of our officers and their level of involvement in our city. Mesquite is so fortunate to have officers like this that fully engage with the communities they serve!”

Boxing at it’s best

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