Can Salt Lake City Survive a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE? And More Zombie Fun!

Hooray!  The Walking Dead is back on TV and all is right with the world!   Or is it??  Now we’re forced to wait an entire week for the next episode!

To help you get your fix, here’s some fun Zombie information:

Can Salt Lake City Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

Careerbuilder studied 53 metropolitan areas to find out which cities would survive a zombie apocalypse and which ones wouldn’t.   Salt Lake City CAME IN 3rd on the list of MOST LIKELY TO SURVIVE!  Phew!  Here’s the full list:

Most Likely to Survive

1. Boston, Massachusetts
2. Kansas City, Missouri
3. Salt Lake City, Utah
4. Baltimore, Maryland
5. San Diego, California
6. Seattle, Washington
7. Denver, Colorado
8. Virginia Beach, Virginia
9. Hartford, Connecticut
10. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Least Likely to Survive

44. Detroit, Michigan
45. Chicago, Illinois
46. Tucson, Arizona
47. Buffalo, New York
48. Atlanta, Georgia
49: Miami, Florida
50: Riverside, California
51: Los Angeles, California
52: Tampa, Florida
53: New York City, New York

Need Help Shopping For The ZOMBIE In Your Life?

Westlake Ace Hardware stores are selling “zombie defense” kits. The “I Am Human” section offers chain saws, nail guns and drills for zombie defense. A “Me Zombie” section includes bolts and fasteners for broken bones, glue and caulk for peeling skin, and deodorizers for decaying flesh.

Zombie Survey

A survey by Omnibus reveals that just 3% of people are prepared for a zombie apocalypse. Other findings:

– 45% of people would find somewhere to hide in a zombie apocalypse

– 40% of people would stock up on supplies before a zombie apocalypse

– 6% of people would work with other survivors to fight the zombies

– 23% of people would try to acquire weapons to fight zombies

Food For Zombies:

London chef James Thomlinson has created a ‘Walking Dead Burger’. The burger is supposed to taste like human flesh and contains a mix of pork, veal, chicken livers and bone marrow. James serves the ‘Walking Dead Burger’ at The Terminus Tavern.

Walking Dead 101: 

The University of California offered a course on ”The Walking Dead” called “Society, Science, Survival: Lessons from AMC’s The Walking Dead.”

The course description read: ”From understanding social identities to modeling the spread of disease, this eight-week course will span key science and survival themes using AMC’s The Walking Dead as its basis. Each week we’ll watch engaging lectures, listen to expert interviews, watch exclusive interviews with cast members talking about their characters, use key scenes from the show to illustrate course learning, read interesting articles, review academic resources, participate in large and small group discussions, and test our learning with quizzes.”

The course taught damage control, stress management, nutrition and survival skills in a post-apocalyptic world.

Lecturer Sarah Eichorn told the Daily Mirror, “There’s kind of something for everyone in the class. I think for all four of us, it’s an opportunity to get students interested and aware in our fields. I never expected to be recording lecture videos where I’m talking about decapitating people in my mathematics lecture.”

Zombie Movies:

Hope you enjoyed!  Here’s to all our Zombie fans out there!




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