Bears Eat Sandwiches Too- Like Paddington Bear

With the release of Paddington 2, we got some swag delivered to the office.

Included in said swag was a sticker of Paddington eating a sandwich (see gif below)




This threw one of our promo directors off. She didn’t realize that bears ate sandwiches. Which, to be fair to her, why would everyone just know that? So we went to our favorite place on the internet to find out all about it. Please enjoy these YouTube videos of bears eating sandwiches.

This bear family get’s individual Tupperware with their names on it.


This bear on the Oprah Winfrey Show is going to town on a 4-footer.

(For a fun little bonus, watch later in the video when he pounds a gallon of apple juice)


He get’s the peanutbutter stuck to the roof of his mouth.


Okay… So this one isn’t so much a sandwich as it is a piece of bread. But still impressive.


This guy catches a pass from the car!


And if that wasn’t enough for you, check out this guy having a full breakfast with his whole family

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